Romanian woman sentenced to one month in prison for having sex outside marriage in Dubai


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A Romanian woman was prosecuted for illegal sexual relations and abortion in Dubai and is to be deported in Romania.

The local authorities accuse her of having illegal sex with a man on a yacht and that she had taken drug treatment to induce abortion in Dubai.

First information revealed that the Romanian woman had met an unidentified man, allegedly a Romanian citizen, on a luxury yacht in Dubai Marina last year and that they had left for a short cruise where they had consensual sex. The sex outside marriage is illegal in Dubai.

Shortly after that, the women got pregnant and the man fled Dubai. As abortions are banned in the United Arab Emirates, the woman has taken drugs to induce abortion, but the treatment made her bleed and had to be admitted to a hospital in Dubai.

The doctors realized what is the source of bleeding and called the authorities, as the woman couldn’t prove it was a legitimate pregnancy.

During interrogation, the Romanian woman admitted she had got pregnant after having sex on a yacht in Dubai Marina and investigators prosecuted her for illegal sexual relations and for taking drugs to induce abortion.

However, the woman withdrew her confession later on, telling judges that the sexual relations were outside the UAE’s borders, namely that she had sex in Romania.

Yet, magistrates sentenced the woman to three months in prison for illegal sexual relations outside marriage and to an extra month for abortion. She is to be deported in Romania.

The Court of Appeal has cut the prison sentence to one month and gave the woman a fine of EUR 460 for abortion, while maintaining the deportation ruling.

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