Romanian woman, sequestered and raped in a basement in Italy for ten years. MAE asks the Italian authorities to provide official information


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A Romanian woman has been sequestered for ten years in a basement in Lamezia, southern Italy. All this time she has been sexually abused and she even gave birth to two children. According to La Repubblica, the woman has been saved by the Italian carabineers on Wednesday.

The 29-year-old woman arrived in Italy in 2007 when he was just 19. She was hired as a caregiver for an old lady. After the old woman died, her son sequestered the Romanian young woman, holding her prisoner in a basement. The woman was tied up to the bed and she was suffered numerous sexual abuses.

Following the repeated rapes, the woman got pregnant and gave birth to two children, whom the aggressor forced to live in the same inhuman conditions.

According to the Italian authorities, the woman and the two children have been held prisoners in a basement, with no access to water, electricity or sanitarian services.

The carabineers have accidentally tracked down the case during a traffic control. The aggressor was in his car with one of the children, who was in a serious condition. The policemen asked to speak to his mother.

Subsequently, the carabineers managed to save the woman, who was in shock after ten years of slavery and sexual abuses.

The woman and the two children have been placed in a temporary shelter, while the aggressor, who had other criminal antecedents, has been placed under preventive arrest. The Italian had been charged with violence and sexual abuses in the past as well.

According to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Romania’s General Consulate in Bari has asked the Italian authorities to provide official information on the victims’ identity and situation. “Neither Romania’s Embassy in Rome nor the consular offices in Bari and Catania haven’t been notified on this case so far by the Italian authorities,” MAE says, adding that  there hasn’t either been any request for consular assistance received so far.

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