Romanian woman settled in Germany got married to… herself


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A Romanian woman settled in Germany got married to… herself. Lavinia Lazar decided to have the wedding ceremony on the date she was supposed to marry her ex-boyfriend.

She had been proposed 6 months before. She and her boyfriend had moved to a bigger apartment and were planning to have children. But the relationship did not work, the two separated, Lavinia suffering a great disappointment that led her to take the bizarre step, reports the German press.

“I was just devastated and then I decided I was going to get married anyway. And I will marry myself,” said Lavinia. The woman said “yes” in front of her friends, and the wedding took place in a small restaurant in Munich.

Lavinia, who is almost 40 years old, was born in Romania, but studied in Germany, in Berlin. When he finished them, he decided to stay in Germany. The decision to marry herself also marked a radical change in her life. He quit his job at an agency and decided to work on his own, counseling couples.

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