Romanian women have several “jobs” and are paid for just one of them, study finds

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At least 6 in 10 women in Romania spend from 2 to 6 hours on average to perform house chores or solve family-related issues, besides those 8 hours that they spend at work, says a survey conducted by Bestjobs, on the eve of the International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8.

The study found that, in order to cope with all responsibilities, 8 in 10 women in Romania stated that they usually sacrifice their rest time and go to bed late at night.

7 in 10 Romanian female employees also said that they would eat on the run or even miss certain meals.

93% of the respondents revealed they are sacrificing their personal hobbies to have enough time dedicated to their families.

Most of the female employees (51%) estimated that they dispose of one hour per day at most to relax, while 11% of the women said they have no spare time for themselves at all.

2 in 3 employees said they have up to two hours per day just for them, while 8.7% said they have up to 4 hours for themselves.

Which are the most challenging chores?

By fart the most demanding activity that women have to carry out every day apart from their job is cooking (80%).

Cleaning the house ranks second (77%), followed by shopping (33%), dishwashing (30%), laundry and ironing (28%). Taking care of children is a less challenging activity for most of the Romanian women, while other activities such as children’s homework and out-of-school activities are considered demanding just for 15% of the respondents.

Only 35% of the respondents said they are equally sharing these tasks with their partner. Even fewer (5%) said their partner is the one who is taking over most part of these tasks. Almost 4 in 10 respondents said their partners is bearing just a little part of these responsibilities, while 15% said they are the only one in charge of them.

For instance, when the child is sick or on vacation, it’s the mom who most frequently has to take a leave to stay with the child at home. 3 in 10 women said their partner is hardly taking time off to stay with the child. Almost one quarter of the respondents admitted their partner is never replacing them on this.

The survey has been conducted between February 10-March 2 on a sample of 718 women aged from 18 to 55. On age groups, most of the women surveyed (namely 4 in 10) are between 36 and 45 years old, while 34% of them are aged from 26 to 35.

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