Romanians, among the last in the world willing to get the vaccine against COVID-19, poll says

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Six in ten Romanians would take the vaccine against the novel coronavirus if one were available, which ranks Romania among the last in a Ipsos opinion poll conducted worldwide in 28 states on all continents.

The global average approval rate for the vaccine is stands at 74%. Romanians fear both the vaccine’s potential inefficiency and also by its possible side effects.

The poll surveyed more than 20,000 adults in 28 countries, showing that 3 in 4 adults globally (74%) would vaccine themselves against COVID if a vaccine were available. The highest rate of acceptance is reported in China (97%).

After China, the countries that reported the highest openness for the vaccine are the one that reported a high infection rate (over 8,000 cases per 1 million inhabitants) and which have an accelerated pace of increase. It is the case of Brazil (over 88% openness for the vaccine) and India (87%). India ranks second in the world on number of coronavirus cases, with over 7 million people infected, and Brazil comes third, with 5 million infected persons.

Australia has also seen a high interest for vaccination (88% intend to get the vaccine), despite the low incidence rate of COVID cases. Yet, Australia is one the countries that is pro-vaccination as a general rule.

Romania ranks at the bottom, among the countries most skeptical on COVID-19 vaccination (57% would want to get the vaccine). Romania is followed only by three states (Hungary and Poland- 56% each and Russia-54%).

Romania is also in the top of the list of states that fear potential side effects of a hypothetical vaccine, next to Spain (70%), Sweden (68%) and Poland (65%).

The second counter-argument is represented by the suspicion over the vaccine’s inefficiency-29% worldwide. Russians and Poles are the most suspicious (44%) and people in China (12%) and Mexico (9%) less suspicious.

33% of the Romanians  who do not want to get vaccinated do not trust the efficiency of the vaccine. The most distrustful Romanians are the youngsters aged from 16 to 24 and the elderly over 55 (66% each of these age groups). 51% of the Romanians aged from 25 to 55 do not trust a potential anti-Covid vaccine.

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