Romanians are frequent shoppers, keen on FMCG

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Romanians spend more on food (70 percent), according to a GfK study. They also used to go shopping more frequently in 2014, yet their shopping cart for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) increasing by only 2 pc last year compared to 2013.

The study reveals that the shopping attendance is on a downward trend in most of the European countries, while in Romania there is an opposite trend, our country being one of the few in Europe where the shopping attendance is on the rise. GfK explains the trend is due to the developing modern retail market that is expanding with new stores and proximity formats. At the same time, Romanian customers used to visit more stores in search for the best offers and products.

Romanians, just like Austrians are shopping almost every day, a day and a half, mostly for food, including here fresh food (fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, breadstuffs) but also products with high shelf life (canned food, oil, flour, corn flour).

In Bucharest and big cities the locals tend to buy fresh food, such as dairy products and meat. “On the other hand, young families buy less food, probably due to the lack of time, diets and restaurant dinners. Yet, young couples have a high interest for personal care products, especially in Bucharest and big cities,” Diana Scaunasu, GfK Romania consumer panel manager told a press release.

A family is usually spending RON 6,450 for fast-moving consumer goods in a year, which is about RON 537 per month. An average visit to the shop is worth RON 25.

Modern commerce is covering 54 percent of the total FMCG market in Romania, with a slight increase compared to 2013.

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