Romanians’ biggest concerns: Health and low revenues. More than half say Romania is heading the wrong direction

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The list of sources of public concern for Romanians opens with health (23.3%) and lower revenues (16%), fear of the economic crisis, the ‘barometer of public opinion’ survey carried out by INSCOP for ‘Adevarul’ reads.
On third place in the top of concerns is the possibility of conflict in the area (14.2%) – almost inexistent 2-3 years ago, but included in the rankings after the developments in Ukraine in two the last two years and, more recently probably, by the refugee crisis and the related events in the Middle East.
The survey reveals other concerns about the economic environment – rising prices (13.1%), job loss (12.5%) and political instability (8.7%) or natural disasters (5.6%).
49.8% of the Romanians say the standard of living in Romania is the same as one year ago, 28.1% is worse and 19.5% it is better. The figures are equivalent to those of the September survey, with no significant changes.
51.5% of the population believes that Romania is heading in the wrong direction. Only 35.9% say they are moving into the right direction (12.7% non-answers).
“Of course, we must not forget that our investigation concluded on November 1, so it did not register the effects of the accident at the ‘Colectiv’ nightclub or the subsequent developments (the government’s resignation and the street protests). It is expected that all these circumstances and their media coverage to deepen the chronic dissatisfaction from a significant part of the population,” INSCOP informs.

The poll was conducted October 23 — November 1, on a sample of 1,098 persons, carrying a maximum margin of error of plus/minus 3 percent, for an accuracy rate of 95 percent.

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