Romanians disavow media coverage of religious cartoons, poll shows

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Romanians fear the possibility of a terror attack in Romania after Charlie Hebdo attacks, while disapproving that media carry cartoons representing Mohamed prophet or Jesus Christ, INSCOP poll reveals.

45.8 percent of the Romanians say they are afraid a terrorist attack could occur in Romania, after Charlie Hebdo terror attacks. 40.4 percent state they are not afraid of a possible attack, while 13.8 percent do not answer or do not know the answer.

Yet, an overwhelming majority, 71.9 percent of the respondents, does not support media coverage of the cartoons representing Mohamed prophet, as far as this would offend the Muslim community. Only 9.1 percent are unconditionally supporting the issue of these cartoons, based on the right of freedom speech.

76.9 percent would reject media coverage of cartoons with Jesus Christ or other biblical characters, if this would offend religious persons. 6 percent approve the cartoons representing Jesus.

INSCOP poll was commissioned by Adevarul daily.

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