Romanians’ emotional trends: extremely selective, emotionally independent, more tolerant and more concerned about environment

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According to the third edition of the national survey measuring the trends in the Romanians’ lifestyle, conducted by Unlock market research agency, in 2020 the number of Romanians who adopt new lifestyles has increased by 7%, the most consistent rise reported in the past years.

A new trend for Romanians is related to their emotional independence. 69% of the Romanians feel more and more the need for personal space, while struggling to get attached less to people, brands, things or jobs.

At the same time, the survey revealed that Romanians are becoming more and more tolerant, with a more European, inclusive speech (69%). 66 per cent are extremely selective on decision-making, either we talk about jobs or married life/partners.

In no hurry when taking major decisions in their life

Romanians have become very selective when it comes to taking decisions (66%). This is shown in picking temporary jobs, in waiting for better opportunities, but also through the option to have transition life partners for fear of long time commitments.

So, Romanians are delaying much more to take a decision, and this behaviour is endorsed by the plethora of options at their hand and also by the myth of perfection. On the other hand, the hyper-selectivity can prompt a deadlock, a „waiting room” effect that is impacting on all aspects of life.

Romanians are less attached to brands

Another identified trend is the growing emotional independence among our fellow countrymen. So, they choose to go on a holiday or to attend an event for they feel like do it, not because some social patterns are imposing it to them.

Environment, a major concern for Romanians in 2020

Environmental issues seem to weigh more and more ground among the Romanians’ concerns (61% are preoccupied with the aspect). Thus, this means not only that people are recycling more (glass, paper, plastic), but they also resort to private companies and NGOs that are handling recycling matters (fuel, electronics, furniture that are environmental friendly).

Tolerance, accepting vulnerability, among the trends this year

Moreover, the survey says that Romanians are becoming more and more tolerant, and have a more European, inclusive speech (69%).

Also, Romanians are paying more and more attention to the effects of dehumanization. 71% of the respondents confirmed that they re-discovered the joy of small pleasures, whether it’s a holiday spent at home or the joy of cooking.

63% of them revived their appetite for authenticity, like wearing re-invented folk costume clothing items or turning their eyes back to handmade products.

Besides, 66% of the Romanians confirmed the trend of vulnerability, meaning that they are keener to couchsurfing and educational programmes that focus on the development of emotional intelligence.

The study was conducted in December 2019 on a sample of 1,000 people aged from 16 to 55 and revealed 20 social and professional trends.

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