Romanians Growing More Pessimistic about Country’s Future, Poll Says


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Only 30.8% of Romanians believe that things are going in a good direction in Romania, the percentage being on the rise compared to 10 years ago, but also compared to a month ago, according to a survey carried out by INSCOP commissioned by For a third of Romanians, the most important source of concern is the possibility of a conflict/war in which Romania is involved, with price increases in second place.

30.8% of Romanians believe that Romania is heading in a good direction (compared to 25.5% in March and 24.8% in January), while 62.5% are pessimistic about the future of the country (compared to of 70.6% in March and 69.7% in January). 6.7% represents the share of non-responses (compared to 5.4% in March and 5.5% in January).

Especially PSD-PNL voters, those aged between 18 and 29 and people with very high incomes, think that things are heading in a good direction in Romania. AUR voters and people with very low incomes are of the opposite opinion in significantly higher proportions than the average.

33% of Romanians are most worried about the possibility of a conflict/war involving Romania (compared to 9.9% in May 2014), while the increase in prices is mentioned by 28.6% (compared to 24.5 % in May 2014). Worsening health is the most important source of concern for 18.5% of those interviewed (compared to 17% in May 2014). 5.5% of Romanians are most worried about the deterioration of the environment (2.4% in May 2014), 4.9% about the decrease in income (16% in May 2014), 4.7% about the loss of their job ( 22.7% in May 2014), 1.7% are worried about the occurrence of natural disasters (2.6% in May 2014), and 1.9% of other problems (3.7% in May 2014). 1.2% do not know or do not answer this question.

People between the ages of 18 and 29, people with primary education and people who work for the state are worried about the price increase. Worsening of health is a concern shared significantly above average especially by elderly people, potentially active inactives, who have a Facebook account and who live in small urban areas. People aged between 45 and 59, white-collar workers and residents of the South East region are the socio-demographic categories most worried about the possibility of a conflict/war in which Romania is involved.

The perception of the direction in which the country is heading registers a slight improvement, as almost always happens when the transition from winter to spring. The approach of the warm season conjuncturally influences the opinions of Romanians by increasing optimism. As a rule, after a short period, the tendency is to return to the figures that have stabilized over a longer period of time. Regarding the Romanians’ sources of concern, we compared the current perception with the figures from the INSCOP-Truth about Romania Barometer conducted 10 years ago, in April 2014. Major differences are observed. First of all, the fear about the possibility of a conflict/war in the area in which Romania is involved is growing strongly. Russia’s offensive in Ukraine, the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas, as well as the overlapping of data collection with Iran’s missile attack on Israel have massively amplified Romanians’ fears of war. Rising prices and health problems are increasing in importance compared to the situation 10 years ago, while decreasing income and job loss are contextually losing their importance compared to the situation 10 years ago and even last year, against the background of growth strong fears of war”, says Remus Ştefureac, director of INSCOP Research.

The opinion poll was carried out by INSCOP Research for Press Agency. The data were collected between April 12 and 20, through the CATI method (telephone interviews), through the questionnaire.

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