Romanians have confidence in the Army, the Church, NATO and EU, INSCOP survey reads

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The domestic institutions Romanians trust most are the Army and the Church, whereas the foreign institutions they have most confidence in are NATO and the European Union. An INSCOP survey, conducted during March 5-13, upon the request of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation also reads that the institutions enjoying the least confidence are the political parties, informs.

The highest level of confidence, according to the survey, is enjoyed by the Army – 68.1% (up from 64.1% in January 2019 and 66.7% in November 2018).

Second is the Church – 55.1% (up against January – 54.5% and 52.8% in November 2018), Gendarmerie – 48.1% (up from 43.5% and 49.8% respectively) and Police – 43.2% (against 41.2% and 43.5% respectively).

40.9% of Romanians have much and very much confidence in the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), 38.2% have confidence in the Presidency, 35.9% in the city hall and 35.6% in the National Bank.

Confidence in other institutions: SIE – 34.3%, SRI – 33.7%, the press – 29.2%, County Council – 22.3%, the Constitutional Court – 21.9% and the Government – 13.8%.

At the bottom are the political parties – 11.3% and the Parliament – 11.2%.

Regarding foreign institutions, most confidence is enjoyed by NATO – 52.4% and the European Union – 49.6%, followed by the European Parliament – 46.9% and the European Commission – 46.2%.

The INSCOP survey was conducted during March 5-13, 2019, upon the request of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, based on a questionnaire applied by the operators at the respondents’ domicile. The multi-stratified, probabilistic sample was of 1,053 persons, representative for Romania’s population, aged 18 and above. The maximum admitted error is of plus/minus 3%, with a confidence degree of 95%.

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