Romanians in urban areas spend 80pc of the salary for food, debts and household expenses

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Romanians in urban areas spend most of their wages, about 80%, on food, debts and household expenses, according to an online study released this month.

Unlike Romania, in other European countries, food expenditures do not exceed, on average, 15% of the revenues, shows the study conducted by iSense solutions and quoted by Realitatea TV.

According to the quoted source, Romanians in the urban area spend most of their monthly money on:

– food (RON 753)

– home expenses (RON 680)

– child raising (RON 398)

In addition, those who have taken loans or have debts allocate about RON 734 per month to pay them.

Other expenses:

  • clothing / footwear and personal care (RON 285)
  • savings / optional insurance (RON 239)
  • personal / public transport (RON 203)
  • investments (RON 161)
  • relaxation and personal development (RON 158)
  • expenditures for pets (RON 112)
  • donations / charity (RON 44).

The survey was conducted in April on a sample of 500 respondents, urban internet users aged 18-65.

The data were collected online through the Panel and are representative at urban level. The survey results have an error margin of +/-4.38%.

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