Romanians living abroad start coming home for the anti-government rally on August 10

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After the past weekend the queues of the Romanians’ cars coming home from abroad had stretched on a 10-km distance, a new wave of Romanians living abroad is on its way to Romania. Several photos posted on social media featured motorcades with people waving Romanian flags waiting at the customs in Dover Port in UK.

Closer and more every kilometer, we are waiting for you to join us, to try to make a change in our future. We are already feel we are in Romania,” a Romanian established in London, Mario Mocan, posted on Facebook.

Over 120,000 people transited the border crossing point in Nadlac, Arad in western Romania during the past weekend, with most of them being registered while entering the country. The motorcades were stretching on tens of kilometers. Most of the people entering the country were Romanian workers established in other European countries, who said they were coming home either to spend their summer vacation or to attend the protest announced by the Romanians in Diaspora in Victoriei Square in Bucharest on August 10.

People in the cars queuing at Nadlac had to wait up to three hours to have their documents checked.

The figures are double compared to a regular weekend in June, for instance.

Mr. Dragnea forced us to come home, a lot of people are coming, with small children. We are coming for the protest, everybody should do that. Look at all the money that enters Romania…how much money the Romanians from Diaspora are bringing home. He chases us away, makes leave the country,” a man who has been working in Italy fro 12 years told Digi24.

We are coming from Germany, we are here to spend the holiday but also for the protest. I hope the entire Romania is taking to the streets,” another Romanian said.

A man from Hunedoara who lives in Spain confessed he would like to live and work in Romania, for they had enough abroad. “I have been left to work abroad since I was 13. We want to work in Romania, this is we are going to ask at the protest,” he says.

We are a group of five cars with Romanians coming from Stuttgart, we came to bring money in the country, not to steal, like they do. We are going to the protest rally,”, another man said.

Foreign Minister Melescanu stated on Tuesday that he doesn’t quite understand what is the goal of the Diaspora rally on August 10, also pleading for a better organization of this kind of actions , arguing that “might prompt traffic disruption” while also disturbing “the atmosphere in Romania”.

Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea has approved the Diaspora meeting on August 10. Organizers have announced that one million people would attend the rally.

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