Romanians, most open Europeans to populism


Romanians are the most receptive Europeans to populist policies, according to new research by polling firm YouGov, as quoted by Die Welt. Romania posted the highest level of sympathy for populism at 82%, followed by Poland at 78 percent.

On the opposite side, Germany is the least prone to populism, with only around 18 percent of Germans being receptive to populist forms of politics. The survey revealed that older Germans are more likely to sympathize with populist parties like the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) than younger voters.

In the UK and Italy, just under half the population were seen to have a weakness for populist politics, and far below France at 63 percent.

Whereas populist sympathies on both the right and left of the political spectrum were revealed in other European countries, they were almost exclusively on the right in Germany.

While in other European countries, above all in France, we are seeing a strong leaning towards an authoritarian populism, Germany is the country most capable of resisting this. Spain also has a low level of populist feeling which indicated that the recent history of both countries could explain this,” Joe Twyman, research director at YouGov told Die Welt.

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