Romanians mostly fear a war in the region, survey shows

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Romanians mostly fear a war in the region in the next 25 years, a survey conducted by the Romanian Institute for Rating and Strategy (IRES) shows. Romanians’ second fear is the one related to the population aging and the fear of inflation and price rising comes third. Over half of the interviewed persons think that Romania is heading the right direction, while 33 percent think the opposite.

The same survey shows that a predominant majority –over 90 percent- believes that Romania needs a country project. 53 percent of the respondents think the President is the one who should initiate this project. 20 percent think the prime minister should be the mastermind, while 13 percent consider the civil society should take the run.

65 percent of the Romanians go further than that and trust that Romania can become an influential country in the world, while 32 percent are not sharing this opinion. 2 percent of our fellow countrymen are convinced that Romania is already carrying weight on the worldwide.

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