Romanians, Satisfied with Close Friends and Family Relations and with the Current Job


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5 out of 10 Romanians at the national level say they are satisfied with their mood, and their relationships with their loved ones (family, friends or partner), current job and work environment are among the main reasons for satisfaction for over 50% of the Romanian population.

The market research company Reveal Marketing Research made public the results of a study on the topic of satisfaction, conducted among respondents from urban and rural areas in Romania. The survey aimed to find out just how satisfied Romanians are and what is it that makes them satisfied.

Satisfied with Their Mood, Satisfied with the Relationships with the Loved Ones

In June 2021, 50% of Romanians said they were satisfied with their relationships with family and friends, and 10% said they were dissatisfied with these relationships.

By socio-demographic categories, the appreciation of relationships with family and friends shows statistically significant differences only based on marital status, as shown in the above-mentioned report. Middle-aged single people seem to be more satisfied with their relationships with family and friends (63%), compared to young people with higher education and high income (45%).

Young Professionals Say They Are Very Happy with the Relationship with Their Partner

If in 2020 the satisfaction with the relationship with the partner, although positive, reported a lower level due to a state of low spirits among Romanians, starting with the month of February of the current year it reported higher levels on a consistent basis. The highest degree of satisfaction with the relationship with the partner is found in young people with higher education and high income, with a percentage of 47%, the Reveal Marketing Research report further shows.

Most Romanians Feel Satisfied with Their Work Environment 

Satisfaction occurs mainly among the segments with higher education and high income (70%) and among young professionals (50%). On the other hand, those who say they are dissatisfied are traditional families (36%) and single middle-aged people (32%).

Not surprisingly, satisfaction with the professional sector is directly proportional to satisfaction with other aspects of life: state of mind and social relationships – with family, friends and life partner.

What the study practically shows us is that the aspects related to our emotional state, as human beings, and to the creation of a framework that motivates through intrinsic aspects rather than extrinsic ones, are starting to matter more and more.

The Reveal Marketing Research study was conducted between February and June on a nationally representative sample (urban and rural). The margin of error is +/- 3%. Confidence level: 95%. The interviews were conducted online, based on the Reveal Marketing Research panel.

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