Romanians suspected of stealing luxury electronics from trucks on the run arrested in the Netherlands


The Dutch Police has arrested a group of Romanians suspected of robbing at least 17 trucks on the run, after two years of investigations, reports. Several people have been placed on remand during the last weekend.

Investigators say the thefts started in 2015. The thieves used to target the trucks transporting luxury electronics devices and used to operate while the trucks were on the run. They would drive a car behind the truck, get in the trailers and throw various devices out in their car. Other people involved in the robbery used to keep traffic away with the help of other vehicles.

Prosecutors have chased the members of the gang in a luxury vacation park in Veluwe region. After searching the chalet where the Romanians were living the police has found iPhone mobiles worth half of million of euros, as well as a van especially equipped for this type of robbery.

Only five in 17 robberies occurred in the Netherlands, the rests in other parts of Europe, so it’s not sure the robbers will be judged in the Netherlands or not. Romania may ask for their extradition, based on the crimes committed in Europe.

The thefts from the trucks on the run is more and more frequent in the Netherlands. 136 such thefts have been reported in the first three months of the year, 46% more than in the same period in 2016.

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