Romanians to be able to download the green vaccination certificate from a STS secure portal

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Secretary of state within Health Ministry, Andrei Baciu, has announced on Thursday that the green vaccination certificate to be launched in Europe in early July will be also available in Romania starting this date.

He explained that procedures are under way, while the Special Telecommunication Service (STS) will provide a secure online portal where Romanians can download the vaccination certificates. The QR code will guarantee the authenticity of the document.

“To have an uniform approach at European level there is a European digital certificate on Covid. The summer season is here, the epidemiological situation has improved due the vaccination, so some restrictions were lifted and the tourism activities have intensified. The vaccination certificate will facilitiate the trips from one country to another, to limit the waiting time at the customs. On the other hand, we must be sure that all proves that we present are truthful. The authenticity is essential. We’ll use in Romania the pattern presented by the European Commission, with the QR code to guarantee the authenticity“, said Andrei Baciu.

He explained that the certificate will be downloaded by three categories of people:

  • people vaccinated against COVID-19
  • people who had the coronavirus infection – and have a not too far positive PCR test
  • proof you are not infected at the – negative PCR test.

As for the manner the certificate will be shown at the customs, Baciu said it will be valid both digitally and printed.

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