Romanians, to be warned on potential calamities through SMS

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The latest storms that played havoc across western Romania last weekend prompted authorities to find solutions to enforce an early warning system of the population in case of disaster. The premier called the representatives of the mobile phone companies and other authorized state institutions for talks to agree on a solution.

Therefore, it was agreed that an early warning system could be implemented in a month at the most, with an SMS announcing us when danger is ahead. The costs to implement such a system will be divided among the state and the mobile operators.

„The sum could start from EUR 1 million to reach EUR 3.5-4 M. It’s an acceptable sum to have such a system in Romania,” said Raed Arafat, secretary fo state for emergency situations within the Interior Ministry.

Authorities say that after the system is enforced, the warning messages will reach the furthemost corner of the country in less than a minute since the alert is released.

Authorities are to decide from what level alert the population should be warned.

At the same time, the system will be used in the case of children’s disappearance.

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