Romania’s Centennial: Gendarmes, booed during parades in Bucharest and Cluj Napoca


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Answering the calls on Facebook before the parade, the people who have assisted to parades began to boo and turned their back when the Gendarmerie cars passed in parade.

The Gendarmerie was booed during the December 1 parade at the Arch of Triumph in Bucharest. People shouted “Shame!” and carried a banner with the same message, and others turned their back to the Gendarmerie cars. Subsequently, the gendarmes in the parade were also booed, informs.

The gesture was a form of protest against the Gendarmerie’s intervention during the events on August 10, 2018, also known as the “the Diaspora rally”, when hundreds of people suffered from tear gas and a disproportionate intervention of the gendarmes.

In Bucharest, however, the protest gesture has had consequences on four citizens. They were taken over by the gendarmes from the military parade on December 1, because they came in conflict with other participants to the event, the Bucharest Gendarmerie informs. A protester was fined RON 200 and other three received warnings.

In Cluj Napoca too, people carried banners with protest messages addressed to the Gendarmerie and to the PSD, during the ceremonies in Avram Iancu Square downtown the city, organized on the occasion of the National Day of Romania. Several people turned their back when the gendarmes paraded.

The banners had messages as “101st Year, European Romania without corrupt people in power”, “Honor to the Forefathers! Shame on us! In the centennial year, Romania has an unlettered prime minister controlled by an offender. #Dear to believe”, “In the centenary year, the Gendarmerie cruelly repressed the peaceful protest of 100,000 Romanians. Be ashamed!” were displayed on Saturday in Avram Iancu Square during the National Day ceremonies.

Also, during the parade of several Gendarmerie subunits, several people on the route turned their back in protest, reports.

In other cities the Gendarmerie was applauded. For example, in Brasov, people have applauded the gendarmes in a car with tri-color flags.

photo: TV capture Digi 24


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