Romatsa joins protest for highways, suspends activity for 15 minutes tomorrow


The trade union of the Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration ROMATSA is joining the 15-minute protest from tomorrow, March 15 and will wear white armlets in an attempt to warn over the lack of highways.

Romatsa says it endorses normality-construction of highways and roads according to European standards, supporting teachers, doctors, experts in all fields of activity, supporting growth through and for a normal life based on work and reward.

“We support a healthy economy, we endorse the independence of justice, we support seizure of assets of those who cannot prove the assets’ origin, we support construction of hospitals and schools according to European standards, we support urgent adoption of measures to stop youngsters from leaving the country,” the trade union said, adding that the direction towards which Romania is heading is moving away from the EU common values.

Paralela 45 also joins protest

Paralela 45 travel agency has also announced on Thursday that it is joining the 15-minute protest on Friday, arguing it endorses the construction of highways in Romania as a need for the country’s economic growth and as a priority for the tourism increase.

We had the least foreign tourists in Europe, 2.8 million at the end of last year, while our Bulgarian neighbours had 9.2 million, 12 million tourists were reported in Hungary. Without highways, there is no domestic or incoming tourism in Romania. While we have less over 800 km of highways, Hungary has double, Poland-over 3,000km, France- 12,000km. Only Serbia, Slovenia and Albania are below us. It’s shameful to be at the bottom of rankings, #metoo, I think Romania needs highways,” said Alin Burcea, CEO Paralela 45.

So, tomorrow, March 15, the employees of Paralela 45 will stop working for 15 minutes, with no online reservations being made.

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