Romfilatelia launches postage stamp issue In memoriam, King Michael I (1921-2017)

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Romfilatelia mourns the last King of Romania, and pays its respects by launching the postage stamp issue In memoriam, King Michael I (1921-2017). The stamp, with the face value of RON 8, illustrates the portrait and monogram of King Michael I, informs.

His Majesty, King Michael I, was one of the most prominent personalities in Romanians’ history, and Romanian stamps featured his portrait for nine decades.

After his forced abdication, Romanians continued to love their King. Romfilatelia has honoured Michael I and the Romanian Monarchy, by releasing several postal stamp issues devoted to the Royal Family of Romania.

In May 2006, a philatelic issue dedicated to the four Kings of Romania was launched to mark 140 years from the foundation of the Romanian Royal dynasty, and also highlighted the restoration of the tradition of depicting Romanian Royalty on postage stamps.

On the occasion of King Michael’s 93rd anniversary, Romfilatelia released in 2014 the philatelic issue entitled The history of Royalty, Michael I.

Another postage stamp issue, Royalty in Romania, put into circulation in January 2015, contains a stamp depicting King Michael I together with Queen Anne.

In October 2016, Romfilatelia launched the stamp issue Engines, a Royal Passion, dedicated to King Michael’s anniversary and to his lifelong passion for horsepower.

Michael I was a dearly-loved King, profoundly respected in Romania and around the world, a symbol of hope and morals, and an illustrious figure in the history of the Romanian Monarchy, the same source reads.

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