Rompetrol, Lukoil, Michelin, OMV Petrom, Policolor trade unions join hands in the attempt to cancel the transfer of contributions from employer to employee


Trade unions representing 12 companies, including Rompetrol, Lukoil, Michelin, OMV Petrom, Policolor, have decided to start specific actions in order to repeal the decision to transfer the social security and health contributions from employer the employee, claiming that the decision will lead to lower net wages for all employees in the private system by 17%, and inform.

The actions will be triggered by the National Federation of Chemistry-Petro-chemistry, which includes the trade unions of Rompetrol, Azomures, Petrotel Lukoil, Michelin, Chimcomplex Borzesti, OMV Petrom, Policolor, Conti Tech, Amplo, Gedeon Richter, Qualicaps, Iprochim.

“For the private system, the state does not compensate this decrease, nor does it contain any norms by which the employer is bound to raise the wage. Under these circumstances, it remains only the option of negotiation between the employer and the employee, on deciding to what extent the wages will be increased, in order to reduce the effect of applying the GEO to modify the Tax Code,” the Federation informs, asking the CNSLR Fratia Confederation to launch all steps to cancel the ordinance.

CNSLR-Frăția trade union decided on November 2 to start the procedures to trigger the general strike in the national economy, one of the reasons being the fall in all wages and the loss of jobs due to the transfer of social security and health contributions from the employer to the employee.

According to the cited source, the general strike will start in the following sectors of activity: energy, oil and gas, chemistry, petro-chemistry, communications, transport, wood and furniture, textiles and leather, agriculture, health, education, public administration and social assistance.

After CNSLR-Frăția trade union, the largest in the country, Cartel Alfa trade union confederation announced on November 3 that the member federations have also decided to start the procedures for general strike.

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