Romsilva announced fines for swimming into Ochiul Beiului Lake


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Romsilva has announced today that swimming is forbidden in Ochiul Beiului Lake (The Bey’s Eye Lake), a unique lake declared a natural monument, adding that who violate the ban risk fines of up to 6,000 lei.

Ochiul Beiului Lake is located in Cheile Nerei – Beușnița National Park. “It is a unique lake, with fabulous turquoise waters. When you see it for the first time, you’ll be stunned by its almost unreal colour (…) The lake has been declared a natural monument, and bathing is forbidden. However, not all tourists respect this, choosing to ignore the indicators mounted by the rangers. Violation of the law entails fines starting from 3,000 lei and can reach 6,000 lei “, Romsilva says.

Lake Ochiul Beiului is fed by an underground spring and covers an area of ​​approximately 284 square meters, with a maximum depth of 3.6 meters. Thus, Ochiul Beiului is the largest karst lake in Romania.

Cheile Nerei – Beușnița National Park, one of the 22 national and natural parks managed by the National Forests Directorate – Romsilva, is located in the southwest of the country, in Caraș – Severin County, in the south of Anina Mountains, including the karst area on the course Nera River, including spectacular sights such as Dracului Lake, Bigăr Waterfalls, Beușnița and Ochiul Beului Lake. The park has an area of ​​37,100 hectares, of which 29,786 hectares are forests. Of these, 14,500 hectares are in areas of strict or full protection, where there is no human intervention.

Read more about the lake here.

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