RON 23,000 per month, wage for a secretary in village hall

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More than RON 23,000 (approx. EUR 5,000) per month – this is the salary received by the former secretary of a commune in Satu Mare County. The wage was revealed after a control conducted by the Court of Auditors, which also shows that the former mayor, the deputy mayor and a local policeman illegally cashed tens of thousands of RON, informs.

The total damage exceeds RON 330,000.

Zenoviu Bontea, Mayor of Păuleşti commune, Satu Mare County: “It is an anomaly that, frankly, I cannot explain. Such abnormalities have also occurred in other months, for example, she was paid RON 23,000 in another month.”

Zenoviu Bontea is the mayor since June last year, he was stunned to see the illegally paid sums, as revealed by the Court of Auditors.

“For example, in February 2016, the secretary of the commune of Păuleşti, Mrs. Sava Eva, was paid RON 19,000,” the incumbent mayor says.

The documents show that the secretary of the village hall has collected, unduly, more than RON 230,000. Half of the amount represents leadership bonuses and allowances, and the other half … other amounts. The woman defended herself and has told Digi24 that the money was duly received.

Eva Sava, former secretary in Păuleşti commune, Satu Mare County, said: “If the documents are to be checked then it must be realized that besides the wage, I received retrospectively money for the project. This is what I have to say, nothing else.”

On the other hand, the mayor says she had claimed that she received bonuses for the administration of European funds, but for this she should have had some pay sheets, as the law reads, but they do not exist.”

The Court of Auditors also found that huge amounts were collected also by the former mayor, deputy mayor, but also by former local policeman, the son of the mayor’s accountant at that time. The damage in their case is of over RON 100,000.

Upon receipt of the Court of Auditors decision, the village hall will begin the procedure to recover the damages.



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