RON 30m goods seizure for Deputy Nicolae Paun, RON 400,000 for Madalin Voicu


Anticorruption prosecutors have laid seizure of over RON 30 million (approx. EUR 667,000) on the goods of Deputy Nicolae Paun and of over RON 400,000 (approx EUR 90,000) for lawmaker Madalin Voicu, DNA has announced Monday in a press release.
“Also, it has ordered the seizure of movable and immovable property owned by Niky Scorpion Alcom SRL company, up to the amount of RON 3.22 million,” the release reads.
DNA announced that it has seized RON tens of millions on other people’s goods investigated in the file.
The prosecutors are expected to identify the goods the ones investigated in the file have and can be preserved for recovery of the damage.
Prosecutors say Nicolae Paun “as president of the Pro Europa Association of Roma Party, paid monthly sums amounting to RON 217.300 to deputy Madalin Voicu and provided a salary of someone in his family it (without any work), in one of the projects of the Association of Roma Party.”
DNA also states that “Madalin Voicu, in the exercise of obligations deriving from the position of deputy, filed wealth statements to the Chamber of Deputies without declaring the amount of money obtained from the Pro Europa Association of Roma Party, gross amount RON 300,682 and net amount RON 217.300 as income.”
“The money came from funds allocated to the European projects development, about which Madalin Voicu knew it was embezzled money,” DNA says.

Mădălin Voicu, 63 is a Romanian politician of Roma ethnicity, violinist and conductor by trade. He is the son of famous violinist Ion Voicu.

According to the prosecutors, Nicolae Păun illegally obtained European funds to implement two projects meant to find jobs for Roma community members.

By embezzling EU funds for the two projects, a prejudice of around RON 27 M has been caused, with RON 24 M representing European money.

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