Royal Family to use Elisabeta Palace as residence, for the time being. Negotiations ongoing with RA-APPS


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The Royal Family will further live at Elisabeta Palace, but will pay rent. Elisabeta Palace was given to former King Michael as former head of state and should have been vacated 60 days after the demise of the former sovereign.

According to Law 406/2001, after King Michael’s demise, the Crown Custodian has 60 days available to free Elisabeta Palace, i.e. February 5, 2018.

A deal has been reached with the Autonomous Administration for State Protocol Patrimony (RA-APPS) representatives, and the Royal Family will pay rent for the facility, and inform.

Negotiations are ongoing with RA-APPS as well as the discussion regarding the statute of the Royal House.

According to a draft law, initiated by the parliament speakers, the Royal House could receive an annual budget approved by the Government and the Elisabeta Palace for use in the next 49 years, whereas the crown custodian could have the statute of former head of state. The draft bill received a negative opinion from the former Mihai Tudose cabinet.

Elisabeta Palace, built in 1936, was owned by Princess Elisabeta of Greece (sister of King Carol II) until being nationalised in 1948.

Currently, the palace is owned by the State and is managed by the Autonomous Administration for State Protocol Patrimony (RA-APPS).

After the final return to Romania of the Royal Family in 1997, Elisabeta Palace was used as the only official residence and home of the Royal Family in Bucharest.

The Royal Secretariat works at Elisabeth Palace, where other administrative activities of the Royal House are taking place.


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