Royal House of Romania releases review of visits in 2017: All of them were paid out of King Michael’s funds

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The Royal House of Romania has released on Tuesday the review of the visits paid in 2017, stressing that all the 50 visits were paid out of the personal funds of King Michael.

The document is released among the recent controversies related to the draft bill on the Royal House status.

The Royal Family has announced that 214 public activities were carried out in Bucharest and with communities in the country on military, diplomatic, economic, educational, social, sports, health, scientific and artistic themes, 8 visits were paid abroad and 50 visits to communities in the country.

“50 visits were paid to communities in the country (3xSăvârşin, 2xPloiesti, 2xFocşani, Bacău, 3xIasi, Constanţa, Albeşti, Coroana, Cotu Văii, Alba Iulia, 5xCluj- Napoca, Călăraşi, Slobozia, Piscu, 6xSinaia, Târgu-Jiu, Oltz, Brasov, Arad, 4xTimisoara, 2xCurtea de Argeş, Sibiu, Micloşoara, Ramnicu-Vâlcea, Târgovişte, Sânnicolau Mare, Pecica, Campulung Muscel); 214 public activities were conducted in the capital and in the communities in the country on military, economic, educational, social, sports, health, scientific and artistic themes; 8 visits were paid abroad (England, Turkey – Marmara Summit, Republic of Moldova, Poland, France – Soultzmatt, Bulgaria, Jordan, Switzerland),” these are some events which are part of a short review of the public activity of the Romanian Family in 2017, published on its official website.

According to the quoted source, the royal events “with great public impact” included “the Royal Train for Reminding (Mărăşeşti-Mărăşti-Oituz, July 11), where thousands of people came to five of the country’s railway stations, the Garden Party on May 10, where thousands of Romanians from all the local communities of Romania and the Republic of Moldova attended, the funerals of King Michael, December 16, 2017.”

The Royal Family also points out that 45 schools, high schools, universities and organizations have a royal names in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, and 74 schools, high schools, organizations, congresses and festivals have high royal patronage in Romania and R. of  Moldova.

“17.6 million website visits were registered on by unique IPs until the end of 2017, 10 books on royal family themes were published in 2017, 2 messages by Her Majesty Margareta, Crown Custodian, were addressed to the Chamber of Deputies (April 27 and December 11, 2017), Her Majesty Margareta, Crown Custodian, was declared the most influential woman in Romania (Forbes Romania 2017),” the synthesis released informs.

King Michael I of Romania has taken his final path on December 16. Romania’s last sovereign was buried with military honours at Curtea de Arges, where other former Romanian monarchs are resting. His Majesty was laid to rest with all the honour of a monarch. King Michael I was buried with a 21-gun salute, while the national anthem was played.

King Michael I, the last sovereign of Romania, died at his residence in Switzerland on December 5. The king had turned 96 on October 25 and had been seriously ill for more than a year and a half.

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