Royal House: The feast of St. Michael and Gabriel finds King Mihai in distress

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The Feast of Saints Michael and Gabriel (November 8 – according to the Orthodox calendar, our note) finds His Majesty King Mihai in distress at the residence in Switzerland, which is why there will be no event organized on the occasion of his name day, the Royal House announces on the official blog.

“Today, November 8, 2017, the great Feast of Saints Michael and Gabriel finds His Majesty King Mihai in distress at the residence in Switzerland, accompanied by their Royal Highness Princess Margareta and Prince Radu. Also at the residence are the employees of His Majesty’s House detached in Switzerland and the nuns from the monasteries in Romania who constantly assist the King,” the quoted source informs.

In this context, the Royal House points out that there will be no event organized at the residence on Wednesday, on the occasion of the celebration.

“Last night (Tuesday night – our note), an envoy of His Eminence Metropolitan Iosif of Western and Southern Europe arrived in Switzerland to give His Majesty the Holy Communion, in the presence of the Crown Princess,” the quoted source reads.

In the Romanian royal tradition, November 8 is the day when His Majesty the King celebrates publicly both his birthday and the name day.

“Crown Princess Margaret thanks all who have sent so many messages of love, admiration and encouragement to His Majesty in the past two days,” the Royal House informs.

Princess Margaret and Prince Radu left on Sunday, November 5, to Switzerland, as King Mihai’s heath has worsened.

On Monday, a release from the Royal House informed that King Mihai’s health has worsened and he is marked by accentuated weakness, with significant decrease in resistance.

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Margareta and Prince Radu have returned to Switzerland Sunday evening, to the residence of His Majesty.

“King Mihai’s general condition has worsened and is marked by weakness, with a significant decrease in resistance. This week, the Royal Family will have a round of meetings with His Majesty’s physicians to discuss the King’s current treatment and to receive their advice in the current circumstances,” the Royal House announced.


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