Royalty Day marked at Peles Castle

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The Royalty Day was celebrated on Tuesday in Romania, with the royal colors being flown on the mast of the Peles Castle’s tower for the first time since 1947. The ceremonies in Buchares and in Sinaia at Peles Castle were attended by Crown Princess Margareta, Prince Radu, princess Elena, Alexander Philips Nixon, princess Sofia and Archduchess Maria-Magdalena of Austria, members of the Royal House staff from Elisabeta Palace and from Savarsin Castle as well as guests who came from abroad for the Romanian Royal House’s 150-year jubilee.About 5,000 people,, of whom 3,000 were the Royal House’s guests attended the ceremonies at the Peles Castle, according to Mediafax.

The celebration at Peles included the traditional Garden Party and the gala concert held on the lawn of the castle in the evening.

The concert was performed by the enlarged orchestra of the Royal Camerata, with violinist Remos Azoitei, tenor Teodor Ilincai and conductor Tiberiu Soare as guests of honor.

Crown Princess Margareta also awarded the winners of the fifth edition of the Royal Marathon.

Three planes overflew the royal park of the castle, while the ceremony ended up with an impressive moment when 400 white doves were released up to the sky.

Royalty Day is celebrated in Romania on May 10, which used to be Romania’s National Day back in the monarchy time. The day marks the dynasty moment when Prince Carol I entered Bucharest.

Previously, Crown Princess Margareta sent a message on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Romanian monarchy. “The Crown gave Romanians trust and pride, example and life, always showing the way ahead (…) The Kings and Queens contributed to set up modern Romania, to build the civil society, our politics, economy, education and culture. They served the nation’s interests with loyalty, love and faith. The Crown is part of the national identity and our King and the country are today united by trust and respect,” reads the Crown Princess’ message.

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