Ruling party’s representatives Darius Valcov and Liviu Pop, sanctioned for discrimination

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The National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) have sanctioned the PM’s adviser Darius Valcov (photo) and former Education minister Liviu Pop for discrimination following their public statements that the Democratic German Forum in Romania is “a Nazi organization” and that President Iohannis would lead such group.

Valcov has been fined by RON 2,000 and Pop received only a warning.

PSD Senator Liviu Pop stated in August that Klaus Iohannis allegedly led an organization that is the ‘continuer’ of a Nazi group. The statements were made during a talk-show at Antena3 TV private broadcaster, where Liviu Pop spoke about Nazism and claimed that the president “led the German Forum, which was the continuer of the group, about which we know clearly it has been publicly condemned vis-à-vis ….”

As for Valcov, he posted on his Facebook page on September 2 a video clip representing a footage suggesting that the Democratic German Forum in Romania is a Nazi organization and that President Iohannis would be the leader of a Nazi organization.

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