Rural areas in Romania: 28 pc of people have toilets, 60 pc have internet access

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Internet penetration is close to 60% in rural areas, the development and the users’ profiles are similar to those in urban areas during 2007-2008, but only 28% of the population has a bathroom and toilet in their home, according to a study released by BRAT presented on Media Research Day.

The study was presented by Arina Ureche, general manager of Romanian Transmedia Audit Bureau (BRAT).

According to the study, 68% of the population aged between 14 and 64 use the internet countrywide, i.e. 10.3 million people, of which 36% in rural areas and 64% in urban areas.

The general manager of BRAT said that countrywide, 50% of the population aged between 14 and 64 use the internet daily, this percentage meaning 7.6 million people.

Arina Ureche tackled also the access to utilities in rural areas. Thus, 99% of people have access to electricity, 62% have internet connections in their households, and 45% have running water supply, the same percentage being recorded in the case of access to sewerage. On the other hand, 36% of people have bath or shower inside the home, 32% have access to hot water and only 28% have a toilet in the house.

Another aspect presented by Arina Ureche is the purpose for which people use the internet. Thus, in rural areas 69% uses it for email, 77% access social networks, 71% read newspapers / magazines, 59% search for information using browsers, 59% watch videos online, 52% buy various products/services online, 25% use it for banking and 37% for dating and flirt.

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