Save the Children report: Romania, the country with the highest death rate among children in the EU


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Romania has the highest death rate among children in the European Union, while over 150,000 children are going to sleep hungry, reads the latest report on the child’s rights conducted by Save the Children NGO and the Ombudsman released a day ahead the World Children’s Day marked on November 20.
The same report shows that severe financial and material shortages is higher among Romanian children under 6 (21.5%).
The report warns that the situation of the children in Romanian remains critical, with over one third of children under the poverty threshold and with a chronic gap between urban and rural areas in terms of basic rights-health, education and life.
The review of the Romanian child’s situation and rights disclosed that progress registered in the past decade is either modest (the child death rate, protection against violence, combating poverty, protection system), or (education, medical protection, protection of disabled children), the paper further reads.

The report adds that the living conditions and access to services have aggravated in the case of Roma and disabled children.

UNICEF Representative proposes a ministry for chilren
In 1990, the child death rate stood at 27% in Romania. At present it is 6.4%, yet double than the European average rate.

The neonatal mortality rate has though halved in the past ten years, but it remains the highest one in the EU.

The maternal mortality rate stood at 83 in 1990, not it is under 10.

The dropout rate has declined from 23% in 2002 to 16.4% in 2018, but the EU average stood at 10.6% last year. In Romania, 400,000 children are still outside the education system and 40% of the15yo teenagers are barely understand the text they read and they are barely know to count.

“This critical situation needs an urgent response and a collective effort to put the child’s rights higher on the list of the political priorities. This could be done by creating an institution, such as a special ministry for children or a special committee under the Prime Minister’s authority in order to coordinate the intervention actions for children and in order to provide the necessary resources”, said Pieter Bult, the UNICEF Representative in Romania in an event hosted by Ferdinand elementary school in Bucharest today.

Amid the #WorldChildrensDay celebrations, thousands of teachers and students in Romania will take part in the largest lesson in the world on November 20-22, within a global initiative that means to hold a class of education on the children’s right.

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