Save the Children warns: We still have cases in Romania when 17yo girls are pregnant for the third time, high child mortality in some counties

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Child mortality has significantly dropped in Romania in the past years, but there is still an obvious gap among counties, and between urban and rural areas, reads the latest report by the “Save the Children” NGO.

The report shows that the average infant mortality has declined from 10 to 6 deceased children per thousand inhabitants countrywide. Yet, if in Bucharest the child mortality is 3.3/1,000 inhabitants, in other counties such as Tulcea, Botosani or Salaj is up to four times higher.

Tulcea – 14.7 deceased children/per 1,000 babies born alive

Botoşani – 12/1,000

Sălaj – 11.1/1,000

The NGO president, Gabriela Alexandrescu told RFI that Romania urgently needs investments in maternity hospitals and in the neonatal wards. She explained that poverty is one of the main causes of the child mortality.

“We are counting on social solidarity and we keep on pressing authorities to make the maternity hospitals a top priority,” the Save the Children executive director said. She also announced they kicked off a wide project to equip neonatal wards this year, within a total investment of EUR 1 million. The NGO will buy cutting-edge medical equipment for 35 maternity hospitals and neonatal intensive care units and pediatrics wards. During 2012-2019, the NGO managed to equip 96 maternities in all counties with 630 medical devices worth EUR 5 million.

Gabriela Alexandrescu also warned over another concerning fact, there still is a high rate in Romania of 17yo girls who are pregnant for the third time.

A Eurostat survey in 2017 pointed that Romania topped EU ranking on teenage moms.

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