Scandal in the Royal Family: Former Prince Nicolae attempted to enter by force into King Mihai’s home. ‘I just wanted to see my grandfather,’ nephew says

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Scandal in the Royal House of Romania, as King Mihai is seriously ill. The Royal Family accuses former Prince Nicolae of trying to break into the house in Versoix, Switzerland, and that he has assaulted several people. The Royal Family has filed a criminal complaint against Nicolae.

“His Majesty’s King Mihai I Press Office is authorized to send the following message: On Tuesday evening, Nov. 7, 2017, Nicholas Medforth-Mills attempted to violate the residence of His Majesty the King at his residence in Switzerland. Mr. Medforth- Mills forced the door to the house, involving six people in the incident, including three of his Majesty’s House employees. Mr. Medforth-Mills physically and verbally assaulted three people. One of them has body wounds. Finally, he was prevented from forcing into the house. His Majesty made it clear for several months that he refuses to see his nephew, as he had repeatedly informed Mr. Medforth-Mills. There were three nurses attending the incident, who take care of His Majesty, who could not carry on their duties on time. The nurses also said that they were afraid for their integrity, and that they would discuss with their institution if they would come or not to take care of the King. The incident occurred one hour after King Mihai received the Holy Communion from His Eminence Metropolitan Iosif. His Majesty’s House filed a complaint to the Swiss Police,” the statement reads.

On Monday, a release from the Royal House informed that King Mihai’s health has worsened and he is marked by accentuated weakness, with significant decrease in resistance. Their Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Margareta and Prince Radu have returned to Switzerland Sunday evening, to the residence of His Majesty.

Nicolae: I just wanted to see my grandfather

According to ProTV, a press correspondent has talked with Nicolae, after the incident.

During the interview, the nephew of King Mihai I said: “I arrived yesterday. I came straight from the plane and I tried to see my grandfather. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. (…) I saw the King’s secretary and he said no one is allowed in, somebody else said the same thing. (…) I came as the King’s nephew and I just wanted to see him. I’d like to see him if he is in a better condition. If not, I’d like to say good bye, for the last time.” Nicolae has told the press envoy.

He added he wanted to wish him good health, on his name birthday.

“I believe this is the sixth or seventh attempt to see him.(…) I’ve never received any explanation. I was told: It’s not possible. I have never had an explanation for what happened in August 2015. (…) I’ve met him only once. On my grandmother’s birthday, I had a pleasant discussion about planes.  (…) It was a vague conversation about the withdrawal of the titles. He asked what I am doing in Romania, how is Romania and that was all,” Nicolae said.

Who is Nicolae?

Nicolae is 32 years old and won the sympathy of Romanians in 1992, when he accompanied King Mihai on the first visit allowed by the Romanian authorities after the exile imposed by the communist regime. At the age of 25, Nicholas received the title of the Prince, and since 2008 he has participated in several actions, ecological and charitable.

From 2012, when he moved to Romania, he represented the Royal House in several public activities. On August 1, 2015, his title was withdrawn and was excluded from the line of succession to the Romanian Throne without a clear explanation.

The press reported that he allegedly was to become the father of a child whom he would not recognize. The baby, a little girl, was born in February 2016.

Nicolae asked the mother, through his lawyer, to perform a paternity test, but the young woman refused.

In an unprecedented move, Romania’s Royal House announced in August 2015 that Prince Nicolae, the son of Princess Elena, has been removed from the line of succession to the defunct Romania’s throne and has been also stripped of the “Romania’s Prince” and “Royal Highness” titles.

According to a Royal House’s press release, on August 1 H.M. King Mihai signed a document enforcing these decisions.

In August 2017 the nephew of King Mihai I, Nicolae, announced he will marry a Romanian woman. The news comes from Nicolae himself, civil name Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth Mills. The chosen one is Alina Maria Binder, 29 (photo 2).

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