Searched by the Finnish Police, ex-MISA leader Gregorian Bivolaru has gone missing


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Former MISA leader Gregorian Bivolaru has been gone missing again. After the Police in Finland have put out a APB against him in a case where Bivolaru is investigated for human trafficking and sexual abuse, Romanian police officers went to his place in Sibiu county but they didn’t find him.

Apparently, Bivolaru would have fled the country on September 14, right on the day after he had been released from prison.

Imprisoned at Bistrita Penitentiary after the French authorities had extradited him in July 2016 to serve jail time in Romanai in the file where he is charged with sexual intercourse with a minor, Bivolaru has been released on parole on September 13, as prosecutors hadn’t challenged the judges’ ruling to set him free.

There was no interdiction on his name to leave the country after the release.

The former MISA leader has declared the locality of Cisnadioara in Sibiu county as his dwelling place, but sources claimed he would have never stayed there.

On Wednesday night, police officers went to his place, but he was not there.

Finnish authorities have issued an arrest warrant in absentia on Bivolaru’s name and the Romanian police have received the documents on Wednesday. The MISA leader is investigated for human trafficking and sexual abuse.

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