Searches in Caracal murder case continue, investigators use special ground-scanning equipment for Dinca’s concreted pits. More accusations flow

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Searches continue at Gheorghe Dinca’s house in Caracal, the aggressor who says he murdered Alexandra Macesanu and Luiza Melencu. Investigators use special ground-scanning equipment to look for evidence that might hide in the concreted pits discovered in Dinca’s courtyard.

A backhoe bulldozer was seen at the premise.

This is the third week of searches in this case.

On the other hand, the lawyer of Melencu family, Tonel Pop, has stated on Monday that Gheorghe Dinca is not insane, while asking authorities to properly guard him to avoid any potential “suicide”.

“I am officially asking authorities to properly guard him to avoid suicide and also to not declare him insane for he is not insane”, Pop said.

DIICOT: 1,000 human  and child trafficking cases, over child pornography files under investigation

DIICOT has announced today that almost 1,000 human and child trafficking cases and over 600 child pornography files are currently under investigation.

964 cases probing into human and child trafficking charges are in progress at DIICOT, as well as 667 files regarding child pornography.

In this respect, DIICOT called on all people involved in the ongoing investigation procedures in the Caracal case to have “a balanced public communication, in compliance with the truth that won’t jeopardize the criminal investigation and harm the independence and the reputation of the prosecutors”.

DIICOT is most probably referring precisely to Melencus’ lawyer, Tonel Pop, who has made several allegations, including that investigators are trying to hide certain aspects of the case.

New accusations against Caracal police chiefs

On the other hand, the controversial local businessman Remus Radoi, aka “Codita”, has launched new accusations against the Caracal police chiefs. Remus Radoi claims that the Police chiefs in Caracal used to warn criminals before raids.

Radoi, allegedly having connections with the local criminal gangs, was the local businessman who had been called by the Olt Police deputy chief in the evening when Alexandra Macesanu was being looking for after having called 112 three times.

Remus Radoi was supposed to be heard at the Caracal Police HQs on Tuesday, but his hearing has been rescheduled.

Before entering hearings, the businessman has told journalists that investigators used to warn criminals about investigations in the past.

I also filed a deposition at DGIPI (the Interior Ministry’s intelligence service), they send a report to the Interior Ministry saying that what I had stated was true. I was denouncing some irregularities in a file in which a criminal group was being investigated. For instance, the taping was not OK, certain victims were not heard or they were heard in the same building with the criminals. Moreover, criminals used to know a week before when there were raids. Some criminals even stated they had direct connections within DIICOT, there is a clear evidence that a DIICOT employee informed one of the criminals that he is being investigated in a file and that his house will be searched,” Radoi said.

He added that the case prosecutor had told him there was enough evidence in this file where he testified and that 10 arrests will follow, a thing that has never happened.

Cumpănaşu: I don’t think Dinca has murdered Alexandra

Alexandru Cumpănaşu, Alexandra’s uncle, has met DIICOT chief Felxi Banila on Tuesday, stating at the end of the meeting that he doesn’t believe Gheorghe Dincă is the murderer of his niece, arguing the man was not even at home at the hour he had allegedly caught Alexandra talking on the phone with the Police.

Moreover, Alexandru Cumpănaşu says that his theory is also supported by the fact that Dinca has left Alexandra’ s personal stuff in plain view, and that no murderer would have done that.

Cumpănaşu has repeatedly claimed lately that Alexandra had been actually kidnapped by the human trafficking and prostitution rings. He also met the Ombusdman and he is due to have an encounter with the STS chief today.

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