Sebastian Ghita accuses in second video footage: All media files have been rigged


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Former MP Sebastian Ghita says in a new video footage that all media files have been rigged and that he has information that media mogul Dan Voiculescu’s case has been arranged and that media tycoon Adrian Sarbu’s case has been also fabricated.

“I saw with my own eyes what Laura Codruta Kovesi did in Realitatea Media case. She wanted a spectacular case and she used me to forge a new file. I heard about Dan Voiculescu’s case from former president Traian Basescu. He told me he had tapings with the way putting Voiculescu behind bars has been planned and organized. I have also information that the same repressive system executed Adrian Sarbu. All files of media owners have been rigged,” Sebastian Ghita said in a new video footage broadcast by Romania TV.

Ghita says that it all started with hiring an officer of the Romanian Intelligence Service from Prahova. “It’s Sabin Iancu, who selected prosecutor Negulescu to do the dirty work and helped him rig files and find lying and false indicters. This Negulescu used one of the meanest persons, so-called Razvan Alexe, to get denunciations in over 20 cases,” Ghita stated.

Ghita also talked about the case of former mayor of Ploiesti, Iulian Badescu, who ended up being criminally prosecuted right with the help of his goddaughter.

The former deputy accuses the prosecutors they are doing justice based on denunciations obtained in arguable conditions.

“There are people in prison taught to make an acceptance agreements, to denounce others. It’s hard to understand how some prosecutors have been taught to give gentler sentences as bribe. If the prosecutor does that, how can we trust such a judiciary system? They found some characters such as Pinalti or Berdila to convince them to denounce me considering that I have seen them just a few times in my life. All this invented stuff makes me think that we are sliding on an abrupt drop and that this wild desire of the DNA to make us give information about one another until there is no one without a file is chaotic and irrational (…),” Ghita also stated.

This is the second video footage showing Sebastian Ghita, who has been gone missing for almost ten days. In the first footage, he recounted how he had been pressed to denounce Liviu Dragnea, how he used to meet the DNA head Laura Codruta Kovesi and a chief of CIA station in Romania at the SRI HQs.

The anti-corruption prosecutors are expected to ask for Ghita’s arrest after he had broken the judicial control by not showing up at the Police precinct.

Ghita is investigated in six corruption cases.

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