Sebastian Ghita – acquitted in one file, the case in which he was tried with former Prahova prosecutors and police chiefs

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The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) has acquitted on Thursday former Deputy Sebastian Ghita in the file he was tried along with former police chiefs and prosecutors in Prahova. The former PSD Deputy is no longer in the country for more than a year. The ruling is not final.

Sebastian Ghita was acquitted of all offenses for which he was sued by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA): bribe giving, influence buying, money laundering, blackmail, two offenses of use of information not intended for public use, and driving a car without a license, reports.

In the same case, the High Court also ordered the acquittal of the other defendants:

Liviu Tudose – former Prosecutor General of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Ploiesti Court of Appeals;

Viorel Dosaru – former head of the Prahova County Police Inspectorate;

Viorel Dosaru – police officer;

Aurelian Constantin Mihaila – Deputy Prosecutor General of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Ploiesti Court of Appeals.

In addition, the ICCJ has also cancelled the arrest warrant issued in absentia on Sebastian Ghita. The magistrates have lifted the seizure imposed on several of Ghita’s real estate assets and decided to render the bail in the amount of RON 59,417,133, about EUR 13 million, on the former Deputy. The magistrates have left the civilian side, regarding the request from Tehnologica Radion company, unresolved.

The panel consisted of magistrates Marcela Cobzariu (president), Stefan Pistol and Daniel Gradinaru. The decision in this lawsuit is not final and can be appealed to the ICCJ 5-judge panel.

The case is pending in court since June 2016.

At the latest hearing on May 21, a DNA prosecutor has demanded Sebastian Ghita’s sentence in jail in this case.

The prosecutor told the judges that the file is a reference for corruption and for the connection between the judiciary and the political world.

DNA says that Sebastian Ghita had built an operative informative network incompatible with the rule of law and that he has fled the country to get rid of the trial, so there is no guarantee he will actually serve the prison sentence.

Sebastian Ghita has fled Romania at the end of 2017 and he was later on arrested in Serbia. There is an ongoing extradition procedure in his case.

ICCJ acquitted former deputy and businessman Sebastian Ghita in September 2017, in the lawsuit where he is investigated for bribery, abetment in abuse of office and money laundering, next to former mayor of Ploiesti, Iulian Badescu. The former mayor, tried for bribe taking and abuse of office was also acquitted. The ruling is not final. The prosecutors asked for maximum sentences for both defendants during the last hearing.

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