Second Romanian dies in Italy, after viaduct collapse near Genoa. Death toll reaches 42

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The Romanian, who had initially been declared dead, following the collapse of the viaduct near Genoa, but had actually been admitted to a fourth-grade coma in an Italian hospital, has died on Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs.

“Further to the information on the incident on August 14, 2018 on the A10 motorway near Genoa, following the collapse of a part of the Morandi Viaduct, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs: The Romanian citizen injured following the collapse of the Morandi Viaduct has died on Saturday. The death was notified by the doctors, both to the family and to the representatives of the Consulate General of Romania in Turin, at the hospital. The representatives of the consular team are in contact with the Romanian citizen’s family and provide the necessary consular assistance, including by the release of the documents necessary for the return of the dead body and the issuing of the death certificate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends sincere condolences to the mourning family in these extremely difficult moments,” the Foreign Ministry informs in a press release.

At least 42 people have died after the collapse of a segment of the Polcevera viaduct (Morandi) on the A10 motorway, near the city of Genoa, according to the most recent report, ‘Corriere della Sera’ daily reports. announces that Romanian Marian Rosca, found in serious condition has died, the balance of deceased persons reaching 43, this source reads.

‘Romania Journal’ has previously informed that the man is Marian Rosca, 36, from Curtisoara, Gorj County. He had left to France several years ago to find work. He was not married and had no children.

At least 38 people were announced as dead after the collapse of a suspended segment of the A10 motorway in Italy near Genoa, the Italian Interior Ministry had initially informed.

“At the time of the crash, there were 30-35 vehicles on the bridge,” said four days ago Angelo Borrelli, Head of Civil Protection unit.

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