Second Romanian gets final sentence to death in Malaysia


The Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MAE) has announced on Wednesday that the appeal was tried against a second Romanian in Malaysia accused of drug trafficking, the federal court confirming the capital punishment by a final decision.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that the appeal for the second Romanian citizen convicted to capital punishment in the Malaysian capital, for drug trafficking, was tried on June 27, 2018. The Malaysian Federal Court of Justice, which tried the appeal, has confirmed the capital punishment by final ruling, thus all internal legal challenges in this case have been completed,” the ministry said in a press release on Wednesday, informs.

MAE also said that the Romanian’s lawyers will file a request for pardon to the Sultan of the state in which the deed was committed.

“According to the Malaysian procedures, this request will be analyzed by a Pardoning Committee, convened at the request of the Sultan. The sentence cannot be enforced until the pardon request has been resolved, and this may be lengthy,” the ministry informs.

Also, according to the quoted source, the Romanian state will continue its efforts regarding the two Romanians convicted in Malaysia for drug trafficking.

“The Embassy of Romania in Kuala Lumpur has followed the developments at the related court proceedings, had consultations with the defence lawyers and assisted to the hearings. The representative of the diplomatic mission with consular attributions visited the penitentiary in which the Romanian citizens serve the sentence, intervened and obtained facilities for the improvement of the detention regime and kept in touch with the families in the country,” MAE further informs.

While on an official five-day visit to Malaysia in December 2017, Justice Minister Tudorel Toader visited one of the Romanians imprisoned since 2012, Ionut Alexandru Gogolan, sentenced to death for drug trafficking.

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