Serious accident on Transalpina as car falls into precipice. The driver, taken over by a SMURD helicopter

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A serious accident occurred on Transalpina near the border between Vâlcea and Hunedoara counties, informs.

In the car were a 24-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman. The car fell into a precipice. As a result of a phone call to emergency number 112, several medical teams from Vâlcea and Petroşani arrived at the site.

“Unfortunately, the condition of the man was very serious and we called a SMURD helicopter from Craiova. We were able to stabilize the woman at the site, she was sent by ambulance to the Petroşani Hospital,” the director of the Vâlcea Ambulance Service said.

The Police opened an investigation to determine the causes of the accident.

It is the second car that falls into the precipice on Transalpina in less than three days.

On Sunday, a Prahova car overturned, four people were slightly injured and they refused medical care. The cause of accidents – the lack of roadside parapets, the drivers say.

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