Serious problems at Săpoca Mental Hospital reported since 2017. Patients say they are beaten and bullied by the medical staff

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Serious problems have been revealed at the Săpoca – Ojasca Mental Hospital in Buzau by a report conducted by the Legal Resources Centre (CRJ) in 2017. The NGO monitored the hospital and interviewed patients admitted there, who complained that they had been beaten by the guards and orderlies, bullied and tied to their beds.

“During our visit we were approached by several patients who reported physical aggression against them, they were tied up to their beds, deprived of warm clothes during the winter and others (…) Patients stated they are constantly beaten, with the groom and other objects, they are shoved and tied to the bed, as psychiatrists order,” the CRJ report says.

Patients also reported that nurses used to steal the food from the hospital cafeteria.

There were also some cases when two patients had cut their throats. One of them was saved, but the other one died.

A patient called V.S.A  filed a complaint against a psychiatrist, saying “I want doctor A.M.P. to stop offending me, calling me stupid, gypsy, slut”. In retort, the doctor says the patient was suffering from bipolar disorder.

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