Settlements from three different ages discovered on the route of the future Timisoara ring road

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The archeologists from Alba Iulia have uncovered compounds of settlements dating back to three different ages on the route of the future ring road of Timisoara. The settlements were from the Bronze Age, Roman Age and early Medieval Age.

Timisoara Roads Department, which is conducting preventive digging on the route of Timisoara’s ring road, has discovered various components of ancient settlements: dwellings, tombs, garbage pits and ovens originating from three distinct ages: the late Bronze Age (11th-12th centuries B.C.), Roman Age (4-5th centuries A.D.) and the early Medieval Age (the 11-13th centuries A.D.).

At the same time, in Hladik area more major remains from the Neolithic period have been revealed, dwellings and cottages from that time, but also Sarmatic tombs dating back to the third and fourth centuries A.D.

Anthropomorphic ceramics objects, flint, bone and obsidian tools have been also found.

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