Seven people sentenced to prison in the Berevoiesti white slavery case. The highest sentence-almost 19 years in prison

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Another seven people prosecuted in the Berevoiesti white slavery case have been sentenced to prison, with the highest sentence going up to 18 years and 10 months in jail.

The Pitesti Court of Appeal have ruled on Monday that seven people in this high sounding case should be placed behind bars, with sentences ranging from 5 years to 18 years and 10 month in prison, under the charges of human trafficking, trafficking minors and setting up a criminal organized group.

The ruling is final.

The Arges policemen announced all those seven people had been imprisoned based on the court ruling.

In November 2018, six people judged in this case have been sentenced to 4 to 10 years in prison, while in September 2017 other five people had been put behind bars, with setences ranging from 3 to 5 years and four months.

Prosecutors say that several criminal groups have recruited children and adults since 2008 and forced them, by misleading or kidnapping them, to carry out various unpaid tasks or to practice beggary. Victims were beaten, did not get food, were kept in chains and locked during the night to prevent them from escaping.

The case was first revealed to the authorities in July 2016.

A sequestered person, with unknown identity, died on November 1, 2015 under suspicious circumstances in the file of slaves sequestered in Berevoesti, Arges County.


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