Seven US military from Deveselu, handcuffed. Five fined by Police. Scandal after a night spent in a pub in Craiova

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Seven US military from the Deveselu Base were taken in custody by the Craiova Police, after being involved in a street brawl. Allegedly the military spent the night of Saturday to Sunday in a pub in Craiova and consumed alcoholic drinks, informs.

When leaving the pub, they reportedly refused to pay. The pub’s security agents followed them and when they reached them, the scandal started.

A Police crew arrived at the site and intervened. According to the source, the US military proved violent, whereas the Police agents tried to calm down the spirits. Finally, the US military were handcuffed and taken for hearings into police custody. Five of them were fined for disturbance of public peace.

The incident was confirmed by the US marines’ representatives, who said an internal investigation is ongoing. Out of the five military fined, three were officers, also informs.

Photo: Naval Support Facility Deveselu


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