Several courts in the country are on strike. Magistrates are dissatisfied with the wages and issues related to the judicial system

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Dolj and Valcea courts, as well as the courts in the area of Pitesti Court of Appeal, are on strike as of Monday, other courts are to decide whether they join the protest or not. The magistrates call for the resignation of Justice Minister Raluca Pruna and they judge only emergencies. They are dissatisfied with their wages and they call the Ombudsman to initiate the control of constitutionality on the ordinance regarding the budgetary salary system.

A memorandum will be sent to the Government, as the magistrates demand respect for the independence of the judiciary, guarantees and respect for the status of judges, their independence, transparent procedures for the appointment in leading positions in the Public Ministry, the ensuring of adequate funding for the functioning of justice as public service, analyzing the activities of the institutions in the system, the establishing of a judicial police under the exclusive authority of the Public Ministry and the establishing by law of a competent civil interception authority and the disclosure by CSAT of the procedure conducted in order to check the existence of infiltrators in the judiciary, employees/collaborators/ intelligence informants.

The courts are to judge during the protest only urgent files. The protest is to be joined by the courts in Olt, Gorj and Mehedinti counties by a white armlet strike.


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