Several CSM members ask for CCR’s notification over PM Dancila’s ‘concerning’ statements on justice

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Seven magistrates, members of the Superior Council of Magistracy, have asked the CSM plenary council and president Lia Savonea to notify the Constitutional Court following the taping released in mass media, when PM Viorica Dancila is telling her party fellows about the stake of the judiciary to allow PSD to stay in power.

Through the allegation that for a political party to stay in power and to form the Government the stake is represented by the judicial files, the special section and the appointment of prosecutors, even a higher stake than the high dignity of Prime Minister, the PM and PSD chairwoman is seriously breaking the independence of the judicial authority”, reads a letter signed by seven CSM members.

PM Dancila was recorded “under the table” while telling Social Democrats in a party meeting that the stake of this motion is represented by the corruption files, the special sections for investigating magistrates and by the procedure of nominating prosecutors. The statements came amid fierce debates over the censure motion that is to be voted in Parliament tomorrow.

“Through these statements, Viorica Dăncilă is affecting the principle of separation of powers,” the CSM members also say.

They argued that, although international bodies showed the importance of a transparent and fair appointments at the helm of the prosecutor’s offices, “Viorica Dăncilă’s speech is proving a completely different approach, including by implying that appointments in the judiciary are conditioned”.

The signatories of the letter says the premier’s speech is stirring “extreme concerns on the intention of politically subordinating the judiciary”.

In retort, PM Viorica Dancila explained that her statements had meant, on the contrary, to imply that there is no way politics can be involved in the judiciary.

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