Several injured after tram collision in Bucharest

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Two tramways have collided in Bucharest, Sura Mare area, district 4, with at least seven people getting injured, according to the Bucharest Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

The victims have suffered minor injuries and are under medical assessment. They were under way to the hospital.

The collision occurred today around 11:40hrs near Bellu Cemetery. The traffic is blocked.

Two tramways on the route of lines 11 and 7 have been involved.

Preliminary information revealed that the driver of the tram no. 7 would be to blame. Bucharest Traffic Police said there would have been a switch that had not been changed.

As for the injured, the spokesperson of ISU Bucharest said that seven people needed medical care, while three of them have been transported to the Bagdasar-Arseni Hospital. They have minor injuries and their condition is stable.

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