Shocking cases in Iasi: Former national box champion kills himself. Renowned professor, his wife also commit suicide

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Former national box champion, Viorel Soroceanu, aged 63, has been found dead in his car in the parking of a shopping center in Iasi.

According to the investigators, the former athlete would have killed himself. Policemen have found a suicide note in the car, where Soroceanu explained his gesture. He apologized to his mother and confessed he decided to kill himself because he was sick.

Soroceanu was suffering of a serious liver affection and he had attempted to kill himself two years ago, too, but doctors managed to save his life back then.

His son was the one who had found Soroceanu in the car, after the former box champion had left his house on Tuesday around 4 p.m. and had never returned. Soroceanu was discovered dead in his car on Tuesday night to Wednesday.

Viorel Soroceanu had been national box champion twice in the 70s. He boxed with the world champion in 1973, Howard Davis Jr. After retiring from boxing, he started a successful career as coach and had trained a lot of box champions.

University professor commits suicide at home together with his wife

Another case in Iasi has shaken the public opinion on the first day of Christmas, when a renowned local university lecturer has been found dead together with his wife, in their apartment in Iasi.

After initially thinking the man had killed his wife and then committed suicide, on Wednesday prosecutors said that both the professor and his wife had killed themselves.

Investigators established that Bogdan and Anda Maleon has killed themselves, first the 38-year-old woman, and then her husband, the professor, committed suicide several hours after that. The necropsy also revealed that both the professor and his wife had consumed a lot of alcohol before taking their lives.

Investigators believe there were 2 or 3 hours between the two suicides. Their bodies have been found more than eight hours after the tragic event.

Prosecutors say that murder has been ruled out as the victims presented no traces of violence or self defence on their bodies.

The Maleons were expected for the Christmas lunch at their relatives on December 25, around 14:00hr. As they didn’t show up, the relatives came to their apartment on Monday evening to see what happened.

Initially, investigators thought the professor killed his wife, and then hang himself.

Bogdan Maleon was a university professor at the History Faculty of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi, and he had also been director of the Central University Library in the city since 2015. Before that, he had been director of the University Museum.

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